Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Paging Dr. Fletcher

Fletcher here are a few facts about your first Halloween ever:
 -it was in Vancouver, Washington at Grammie’s house.
-the first half of Halloween was spent on a plane getting to Grammie’s house
-mom hand sewed every stitch of your costume. Yes, she is the coolest.
-your first taste of Halloween candy was a dumdum sucker sent in a package from Auntie SunDee that arrived on Nov 14th.

White Coat Ceremony

It's official. Brandon has his White Coat. There was a Ceremony and everything, so it's legit. haha

For those of you who have no idea what a White Coat Ceremony is--it's basically a ceremony where medical students receive their white coat and take an oath that they will be good and honest doctors and then there is a party.

For Brandon's White Coat a government official from Curacao was actually the one to present it to him, which is pretty cool.

We had fun time, ate lots of food, and took some pictures, and then danced the night away.


Fletcher turned 9 Months on Oct 30! And to celebrate we got to ride on 4 airplanes!

He now:
Has 6 teeth
Can stand on his own
Can clap his hands
Can give Hugs
Can say Mama, Dada, Baba
Can buzz his lips
Can give High Five

Love you Fletcher Boy

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

into everything

Fletcher Boy is into EVERYTHING.
he figured out how to:
 open lids
open cupboards
pull things off shelves
spin the wheels on the stroller
move furniture

he is nuts. so smart. and funny.

anytime the fridge opens he drops whatever he is doing or playing with or chewing on and books it to the fridge and if he gets there fast enough, he always go straight for the lettuce and pulls off a huge chunk. if he thinks he has enough time he goes crazy and tries to get to as many things as he can before he gets caught. He even pulled the bottom drawer out once. 

Here is a video of his lid popping skills.

Sweetest Husband Ever

He's a keeper.

surf's up

We {LOVE} beach days!

*8 months*

Fletcher turned 8 months on September 30th!!
He is such a happy boy.